A shout out to Renee Bowen @ ReneeBowen.com for this amazing headshot!

A shout out to Renee Bowen @ ReneeBowen.com for this amazing headshot!

Just a little something about me...

I'll be finding out an awful lot about you in the near future, so I think it's only fair that you find out a little something about me! I was raised a good Southern girl who calls Queenstown, New Zealand home for now. Why New Zealand, you ask? I'll tell you every time, "Why not?" A few years ago, my husband and I decided that we no longer wanted to live to work...we wanted to work to live! I started this company so that I could travel the world at his side. What an adventure it's been! 

"To travel is to take a journey to yourself" - Danny Kaye

So, why choose me? 

Over the past 20 years I've been a manager, teacher, an administrative assistant, an office manager, and an executive assistant to several C-level employees. Detailed, "Type-A" kind of work has been a defining characteristic of my career. I thrive in situations where things just have to get done - and done right. I won't say I'm a perfectionist...but, when the shoe fits...

I have a diverse background that includes everything from creative writing, sales presentations, training materials, and business reports. I’ve managed large teams, full and part-time employees, student organizations, and hundreds of volunteers. I’ve created and managed six figure budgets, negotiated supply and service contracts, and served corporate executives. I have excellent written and oral communication skills that will be invaluable as I partner with you to create content for your business. I’ve created a wide variety of online content using Wikis, blogs, and content management systems, such as WordPress and SquareSpace. I also know basic HTML and CSS, so I’m able to do most web updates. 

I understand both the creative and business sides of photography. Being an amateur photographer myself, I know that finding time for your creative side can be challenging when there are so many other important business-related tasks that have to be done. I have experience with many of the tools that photographers use daily — blogs, social media, portfolios, CRMs, bookkeeping, and more.

Ready to find out if we'll make a good team?